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StraVagante Hostel is a social project by L'Officina dell'AIAS cooperative society.
Its goal is to establish a new balance between the needs of Verona's most fragile citizens and a turbulent labour market. That's why this hostel is a place with no barriers between abled and disabled people, both physically and metaphorically. Well supported by social operators, educators and volunteers, the Hostel is managed by disabled people, involved in different activities: the reception service, the cleaning service, the bar service and the organization of cultural and local promotion events. Each and every hostel area, both inside and outside, is easily accessible by anyone and healthcare services are provided for guests with special needs.
Coming to StraVagante Hostel is not just discovering a nice place.
It's the coolest way of doing good.


AIAS Verona is the local branch of the Italian Association for the Care of Spastic People.
Originally established in Verona in 1964 aming to connect families with children affected by spasticity, today AIAS keeps doing this important job and has expanded its field of action. Its main activities nowadays involve providing healthcare services for different types of severe disability. It also creates highly innovative projects of social inclusion and re-employment via its operative branch, L’Officina dell’AIAS Cooperative Society.
Through all its activities, AIAS Verona pursues the goal of creating a really inclusive and equal society, an easier world for the most fragile people, a better city for all.